Strasbourg EU Conference September 2011

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a. in session.jpg b. gladbeck on dimentia.jpg c. courbevoie on stroke.jpg
Conference session at MISTA University Strasbourg Session on Dementia French presentation on stroke
d. meeting the meps.jpg e. c moraes & k gonz.jpg f. delegates at parliament.jpg
Session with EU MEPs Questioning MEPs Kinga Gonz, Claude Moraes and Jean Lambert Conference delegates in the Parliamentary building
h. felicity and eleanor.jpg i. inside the parliament.jpg j. parliament from the ill.jpg
Enfield Officers Felicity Cox and Eleanor Brown The Parliamentary Chamber Parliament viewed from the River Ill
k. lunch.jpg l. delegates at dinner.jpg m. sightseeing by ill.jpg
Delegate lunch at the Parliament Dinner for the delegates Sightseeing by the River Ill
n. delegates boat tour.jpg o. strasbourg at night.jpg p. petite france.jpg
Delegates River tour of Strasbourg Strasbourg by Night Petite France, Strasbourg
q. delegates goodbyes.jpg
Delegates Auf Weidersehen, Bon Voyage and goodbyes

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