Loneliness and Isolation in Enfield

Towards the end of 2014 the Forum discussed with Enfield Councillors the scope for a pilot project whereby the Forum would seek out older people living alone and ascertain whether they felt isolated or lonely. If so, the Forum would endeavour to engage them through the Forumís extensive range of member activities.  Following these discussions the Forum submitted a proposal to the Enfield Residents Priority Fund to undertake a pilot project in Chase, Turkey Street and Lock wards whereby they identified a number of retired people and gave them free membership of the Forum and invited them to attend a number of specially arranged events.

The report on the findings and outcomes from the project can be found here.

A powerpoint overview of the project presented at the Forum's Meeting on Tuesday 26 July can also be found by clicking here.

A powerpoint presentation given by Professor Jose Iparraguire, AgeUK's Chief Economist describes the mapping system he has developed for identifying areas where there is  a high risk of finding significant numbers of older people  likely to be suffering from isolation and loneliness. This presentation was the keynote paper givn at the Forum's Meeting on Tuesday 26 July. The presentation can be found here.