Enfield Climate Action Forum joint meeting

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Joint Zoom meeting with Enfield Climate Action Forum.

This will be a joint meeting with the Enfield Over 50s Forum and will be on September 2nd at 7.0pm

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Agenda & Running Order

  • Welcome by Francis Sealey on behalf of EnCaf and Tony Watts on behalf of the over 50s Forum
  • The Crisis of Climate Change & Future Generations – Theo Sergiou
  • Should We Declare a National Emergency – Feryal Clark
  • Questions to Feryal & Theo
  • What Can we Do About it Individually – Charles Appelby
  • Questions to Charles
  • Reports & Updates
  • General Discussion
  • Our Next Meeting
  • Closure

Theo Sergiou

Theo Sergiou, 19, was diagnosed with eye cancer aged two and, aged four, was told it was terminal. But the tumours stopped growing and although he remains partially sighted, Theo survived. A UK Youth Parliament representative, the Enfield teenager is committed to community work such as tackling knife crime. During the pandemic, Theo has written to the prime minister about the lack of provision for children with special educational needs, who he says are suffering mental health problems and not getting an education.

Read more about Theo here.

Feryal Clark

Feryal Clark is the MP for Enfield North and has become an active engager with local communities. A new Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) demanding the UK government act with emergency measures on the crisis facing us may be placed before Parliament in the Autumn. This potential new bill would substantially amend the Climate Change Act 2008. We will ask Feryal to speak on this and whether she supports it.

Read more on the CEE bill here.

Charles Appleby

Charles is one of the founders of N0CO2 which is part of the International NGO Saving Our Planet, whose mission is to inspire, energize and enable the entire community of humans to work together to save the planet, and to convince World Leaders to make the fight against climate change their number one priority.

Visit the NoCO2 Website