Forum Meetings

We are currently running all our meetings online via Zoom but will return to ‘real’ meetings as soon as government guidelines allow. Maybe after Easter?

Forum meetings are open to everyone. Join in to hear an interesting presentation, ‘meet’ some new people and use the opportunity to find out more about the Forum. All meeting speakers start their presentations at 10:30am, unless otherwise stated. More information will be sent before each webinar so make sure your membership is up to date and that the office has your email address by emailing

Bletchley Park – Tuesday 15 December

Ruth Bourne, a veteran of Bletchley Park, talk about her experiences there during the Second World War.

Enfield Council Budget – Tuesday 12 January

Councillor Mary Maguire, Cabinet Member for Finance, will outline Enfield Council’s challenge to find budget cuts of £18m, on top of a £10m shortfall we already have. Forum members will be asked their views on what services and facilities should be given priority.

See the front page for downloads of the PowerPoint slides and a video of the meeting.

Safeguarding Adults – Postponed. Watch this space.

Geraldine Gavin, Chair of Enfield Safeguarding Adults, will talk about the issues related to keeping vulnerable people safe.

Living well for longer – Thursday 23 February

Anna Dixon, Chief Executive of the Centre for Ageing Better discusses the work of the centre and how it highlights the importance of everyone working together to imprve the lives of older people.

Medicine, Mediumship and Messages from Beyond – Tuesday 30 March

Dr Ian Rubenstein