Forum Meetings

We are currently running all our meetings online via Zoom but will return to ‘real’ meetings as soon as government guidelines allow. Maybe in the summer?

Forum meetings are open to everyone. Join in to hear an interesting presentation, ‘meet’ some new people and use the opportunity to find out more about the Forum. All meeting speakers start their presentations at 10:30am, unless otherwise stated. More information will be sent before each webinar so make sure your membership is up to date and that the office has your email address by emailing

Reducing carbon emissions through carbon capture – Thursday 10 June, 2pm

Tim Dixon of IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme examines the technology of carbon capture and its role in reducing carbon emissions

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Annual General Meeting + Light-hearted survey on censorship – Tuesday 29 June

We will hold a short AGM at 10.30am, including presentation of the annual report and accounts for 2020 – 2021, election of Executive Committee Members and any other business that members wish to raise.

Then we will be treated to Peter and Christine Padwick giving us a light-hearted survey of banning and censorship over the past 100 years or so with pictures, songs & anecdotes touching on George Formby, Reith and the BBC, cricket, Marilyn Monroe, Sooty, G.B. Shaw, Donald McGill, the Crazy Gang, Dr.Crippen, Alfred Hitchcock, Eartha Kitt, Thomas Hardy, Henry Hall, adverts, Frank Sinatra, D.H. Lawrence, Max Miller, George Gershwin and much more along the way.

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How to mitigate inheritance tax – Tuesday 27 July, 10.30am

George Ttouli, financial advisor, will look at long-term financial planning , including how to mitigate inheritance tax and planning for long-term care fees.

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Healthy Streets – Tuesday 7 September, 10.30am

Richard Eason, Programme Director, Healthy Streets, Enfield Council will discuss the council’s strategy to improve the quality of life in Enfield.

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Transport for London’s plan for Low Emission Zones – Tuesday 28 September, 10.30am

Andrew Galligan, Projects Communication Specialist, Transport for London, looks at Low Emission Zones and local communities and partnerships

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Helping older people get back into work – Tuesday 26 October, 10.30am

Alain Rosenberg, Maximus UK discusses employment support programmes and what help is available for older people seeking to get back into work

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If you have suggestions for speakers, please contact the office
We are hoping to introduce more mid-month Thursday afternoon speakers on a wider range of topics, so do send in your ideas – if possible, with contact details for a specific speaker.