Lockdown — Desi

Live indoors, look

Out for signs of

Coronavirus and

Keep the advised

Distance, do not

Overlook the importance of

Washing your hands

Numerous times a day.

Each letter for me, spells out so many various messages. I find that C flushes more, followed by D while K has the minimum with all others in between. The random words alarmingly thrust negativity that even some of the otherwise neutral or positive ones appear to take a twist on lockdown.

Local lives of loved ones have been lost leaving most lonely and devastated. Leading the nation was vital and individuals learned a lot about themselves and others.

Outstanding online initiatives were observed and taken up as offered though one could not escape the outrage from others who found themselves left out.

Covid 19, once confirmed as a pandemic caused havoc in many countries with compulsory restrictions affecting communities, cultures, churches, children, competitions etc. though lockdown proved to be good for climate and creativity.

Killer virus, as it became known, forced people to keep to themselves. The most benefit were found in the kitchen as recipes were invented but I hope not too much weight was gained.

Distinguished lockdown has defined a different direction in daily life of distancing. Many felt not able to do much and got depressed as there seemed to be real danger and disaster around that could not be just dismissed.

Overwhelming fear and need was out there, and the chancellor did his best to overcome financial difficulties but not without others feeling overlooked. There were different opinions on how best to help – some unworkable!

Work from home if you can, wash hands often were some of the daily announcements while people worried about their wellbeing as they watched the daily briefings in devastation.

News of new transformational change of working and doing things was/is everywhere. Presently the numbers of deaths are reducing but infected individuals are nowhere near comforting information. But the gradual relaxation of lockdown, though there are fears of a relapse, indicates a light at the end of the tunnel.