Who We Are

About the Forum

The Forum is open to all over 50s in the Borough of Enfield and its members are drawn from the rich and diverse ethnic mix of Enfield multicultural population. There are some 80,000 people over 50 residing in Enfield and members come from all areas including the east of the borough where there is considerable deprivation.

Meeting in the Council Chamber

The Forum meets on the last Tuesday of every month at the Civic Centre in Silver Street with the exception of December when there is no meeting. Other monthly coffee morning meetings are arranged for the Beaumont Centre at Southgate Green and East of the Borough or Millfield House. The Forum publishes a bimonthly newsletter and past copies can be viewed on this web site. For those members with an email address we send an eNews with updates on what's on and happening in and around Enfield.

The Forum seeks to:
Influence the decision-makers nationally and locally on such matters as: health, educational and leisure activities, transport, social and community care, housing, age discrimination in employment, pensions and benefits.

Our Forum aims to:

Listen and respond to the views of people over 50.

Maximise opportunities for the over-50s.

Influence the formulation and implementation of policy.

Involve more older people in decision-making.

Monitor and test policies affecting the over-50s

Measure performance in meeting the needs of over-50s.

We believe that older people represent a resource and a force that, working in partnership with others, can help make Enfield a borough to be proud of.

Current Issues:


Women's Pensions

Fairer Home Care Charging

Leisure Centre Charging


Digital Hearing Aids

Please note that you will need Adobe Reader to open most of the reports held on this site.

We are based at Millfield House, Silver Street, Edmonton, N18 1PJ; Tel 020 8807 2076

Email info@enfieldover50sforum.or.uk