Photo: Delegation at Parliament Nov 2014
Delegation at Parliament Nov 2014

The Forum campaigns to help older people lead happier healthier lives and to ensure everyone in the borough is treated fairly by the Borough council, local health and transport bodies and national government.

Fairer funding

Our latest campaign highlights the huge inequality between Enfield and other, much richer boroughs in terms of public health funding. We have organised a petition, gained cross-party endorsement and had a meeting with the Minister of Public Health who now admits the current system of allocation is not equitable.
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Earlier campaigns


Photo: Enfield Pensions Campainers about to join a march
Members of the Forum join a Pensions Campaign march

Poverty is bad for both mental and physical health. The basic state pension continues to fall in real terms and other benefits are being cut or are under threat. We keep our members informed and act as advocates for older people on a wide range of topics including pensions, universal benefits, bus passes, TV licences and winter fuel allowance. Benefits lost today will affect all the generations to come.

A better Enfield

We have helped achieve: the spitting ban, the end of doctors’ surgeries using the expensive 0844 number, the extension of the 307 bus to Barnet Hospital, community toilets and more pavement repairs. We continue to work with the council to build a better and more equitable community across the borough.