Photo: Enfield recognizes forum Volunteers
Enfield Borough recognises Forum volunteers

The Forum has only two part-time staff so we rely very heavily on volunteers to help out in the office and at Forum events and to organise most of the social activities we offer. Some people volunteer once a year, others volunteer once a week. Some organise one social event a month, others join the team which stuffs the newsletters into envelopes once every two months. Some run a monthly Forum Group and others join the Executive Committee.

Photo: Some volunteers in high spirits
A happy group of volunteers with Jan Oliver, Office and Development Manager (right)

There is a wide range of activities that need doing in the Forum office which volunteers can help with. And our major day-long events need volunteers to help on the registration desk, serve coffee or move furniture and generally make the day run smoothly.

If you are interested, please download and complete our Volunteer Information Sheet and send it to us. If you prefer, we can provide a printed copy.