Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of volunteers who are elected every year at the Annual General Meeting held in June (usually). Members can also be co-opted.

2023-2024 Executive

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair and Transport Rep Peter Smith
  • Secretary John Ball
  • Meetings Helen Ball
  • Assistant Secretary Tony Watts
  • Treasurer Dr George Rufai
  • Campaigns Vicki Pite
  • Health Representation Vivien Giladi
  • IT & Website Simon Heaton, Cliff Appado
  • Newsletter Editor Yvonne Mulder
  • Community Liaison Talat Shaikh

The members of the Executive Committee come from a wide range of backgrounds to give their time and share their knowledge and expertise. But no specialist skills are needed – just a willingness to spend some time and get involved. You will be helping the Forum’s work to improve the lives of older people in the borough.
If you are interested in being nominated for the committee, contact the office and one of the current executive members will give you a call.