IT Training

Over 50s’ Forum Volunteers and Training

If you have reasonable IT skills you are welcome to join a like-minded group of Forum volunteers willing to help the digitally excluded from across the borough cope with the increasing demands of everyday living. Such help might be needed for:

  • Basic Computer Skills: Introduction to fundamental computer operations, navigating the internet,
  • Social Media help: understanding and sharing information,
  • Troubleshooting: common problems and software issues,
  • Smartphone Usage: settings, photography, texting, face to face meetings and apps,
  • Accessing the NHS and GP systems: making appointments and accessing health records,
  • Accessing library and Council Services: Car parking, renewing books, making payments.

For unemployed individuals, help required might be:

  • Coping with the demands of the Universal Credit requirements,
  • CV Workshops: Hands-on support for creating or updating CV’s, tailored to individual career goals,
  • Interview Preparation Workshop: Preparing for job interviews with tips on answering common questions, presentation, and follow-up.

If you join our band of volunteers, you will receive support training so that you can become a digital champion.

Interested? Then please contact our Office on O20 8807 2076 or email