Fusion goes cashless

Fusion Leisure Centres no longer accept cash from customers but there are many other ways to pay.

The decision to go cashless has been taken at Fusion head office level and they are rolling out this policy across all centres across the country. On Monday 2 March, it was Enfield’s turn.

Many people using the leisure centres are Fusion members and so pay monthly by direct debit. And most of the more casual pay-as-you go users (including those who come just for the Over 50s Days) already pay by debit or credit card, either online when making a booking or at the centre itself.

But for those who currently pay by cash or even cheque, and don’t have a debit or credit card, there are other ways to pay.

You can go to a Post Office and ask for a pre-paid Mastercard which you load with money in advance and the exact amount you need to pay is deducted each time. These cards can also be used in almost all shops, restaurants etc, so are very convenient. You can top up the card at the Post Office as often as you like.

Fusion also has its own Rewards card which can be pre-loaded with money at any Fusion Leisure Centre. Of course, you can’t use cash to add funds to this card, but it would mean you don’t need to take your debit or credit card every time you visit the centre – just when you top up the card.

Fusion expects that going cashless will speed up queues at reception and make it safer for staff and customers – although it will also benefit by no longer paying bank fees for handling cash.