Zoom meeting on the Enfield Council Budget with Councillor Mary Maguire — 12th January

Watch the Video of the meeting.

The PowerPoint slides for the meeting can be downloaded here:


or for those who prefer them in PDF format:


15th December – Ruth Bourne – Bletchley Park talk

A Zoom talk by Ruth Bourne, one of the wartime Women of Bletchley Park (see her Wikipedia biography). Ruth was a serving WREN during the war and one of the team who successfully decoded the messages transmitted from the notorious ENIGMA machines.

Ruth’s PowerPoint slides are here:


or as a .pdf:


Zoom Webinar — Changes that will affect Older People in Enfield

Tuesday 6 October

In the week that celebrated International Older Peoples’ Day, in conjunction with the Enfield Older People Partnership Board, we staged our first Zoom webinar, on changes that will affect the lives of older people in Enfield. This is a recording of the event. (By the way, by playing this YouTube video, you are accepting YouTube cookies!)

The speakers were:

  • Jan Shortt, General Secretary of the National Pensioners Convention, the country’s largest campaigning organisation for pensioners. She talked about pensions and the threat to the triple lock:
  • Deborah McBeal, Director of Integration at Enfield at the North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • Bindi Nagra, Director of Health & Adult Social Care, on the changes affecting social care in the borough.

All the speakers answered questions from the large on-line audience, mostly after all the talks.

The following links are to the speakers’ notes and slide shows. They are all in PDF format.

Research into Edmonton (Millfield House)

Aditya Chakrabortty, the Senior Economics Commentator with the Guardian newspaper talked about his researches and the book he is writing about Edmonton. The Chakrabortty family live in the borough, and he was born and brought up in Edmonton. He took comments and reminiscences from members. He can be contacted via his e-mail address published in the Guardian (both print and on-line).

Forum Volunteers meet up

Our Volunteer Event attracted both current volunteers and those considering offering their time and talents.

Kathleen and Rita
Kathleen (left) and Rita

Two of those attending the Volunteers Event at the Dugdale Centre in July were very familiar with the venue. Rita Clayton and Kathleen Young are the receptionists (along with Suzanne March) who greet people attending our Monday morning Advice Service in the building.

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